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Our Story


Our History

Mai Thai Cuisine was founded in America in 2011, but existed in Thailand for over 20 years prior.

It is a small family run business, but wouldn’t be what it is today without Rampueng (PRONOUNCED ‘POONG’) Kaeorawang .

She served each of the dishes on her menu in her own restaurant in Pattaya, Thailand and has been serving them for many years here in the United States.

In America, Rampueng started with a food stand at local farmers markets in Pacific Grove and Marina and after becoming popular enough, was asked to bring her unique food to the hospitals in Salinas. 9 Years later, after customers telling us for many years that we should open up a restaurant, we were finally able to make that happen!

Her use of quality produce and ingredients really makes her recipes special. You have not enjoyed real Thai food in America until you have tried Mai Thai Cuisine!